Killer whale pod follows couple [video]

One couple had an experience of a lifetime while out on a dive. A pod of killer whales joined their adventures and had a fun time. They played in the boat's wake, got close and personal with the couple and continually sprayed them as they drove away. Watch this video clip and see how this couple felt about being so close with this pod of whales.

Be in a good mood

Your attitude determines everything. If you are negative and ornery, the circumstances in your life will turn out poorly. You will miss opportunities that will put a smile on your face and help you enjoy true happiness. A good mood and a positive outlook is all you need. Others will want to spend time with you, you will be more productive, your life will go smoother and you will enjoy many more blessings. It all just depends on how you act each day.

Kindness keeps the world afloat [video]

Even one small act of kindness is contagious. It can trigger a chain of events, helping hundreds of people along the way. These acts of service do not need to be extravagant and time-consuming. It can be as simple as saying "Hi," to someone on the street or giving someone a glass of water. This cute video shows that kindness truly is out in the world today. These small acts of service occur all around us. Sometimes, we are just too blind to notice.

When guys do women's gymnastics [video]

Men and women are able to do similar things. Men can be nurses and teachers, while women can be welders and dentists. But can men and women truly do everything the same as the other gender? In this video, one gymnast tries to do a woman's bar routine. Watch this video and see if he could actually pull it off.

Your not the boss! [video]

Being in charge may sound like a wonderful thing, but it can cause a lot of contention. In fact, it can cause even more anger when there is no true boss. In this video, two sweet girls fight over which one is the boss and in charge. But, who they decide in the end may surprise you.  

Decide you want it

You can't let fear stop you from getting what you want in life. You have to decide you want something and do everything in your power to get it, even if it means stepping out of your comfort zone. We all are faced with tasks that seem overwhelming and daunting. But, if we put forth the effort and have the mindset that we can do it, then we can.

What we accomplish in our lives depends greatly upon our attitude. Have the right mindset and a strong attitude and you can accomplish anything. Even the hard things in life become easy.

The power of trying [video]

Even the people we admire the most have gone through their own struggles. Many of them have been told they are dumb, stupid and have no hope for the future. But, they haven't let their challenges take them down and prevent them from becoming the best they can be. This video showcases several celebrities who have faced learning disabilities. This video shows that if you set your mind to anything, you can do it. 

How special are you? [video]

Did you know that you may have some physical characteristics that are unique? Some physical traits are not as common as you may realize. From the color of your eye, to the length of your toes, you may be special in more ways than one. This video showcases several of your physical traits. See which ones you may or may not have. 

Mission Impossible Baby [video]

What happens when you leave your baby alone with Dad? A re-enactment of "Mission Impossible." This video shows a baby flying through the air, making its way to a bowl of candy. The baby is then lowered to the bowl, grabs a piece of candy and takes off again. Check out this fun video. 

What makes you beautiful [video]

What happens when you get five guys and a piano together? A beautiful arrangement that is fun and unique. The Piano Guys, created this fun music video to the One Direction song, "What Makes You Beautiful." This arrangement uses nothing but the five guys, a bow and a piano. Check it out. 

Look with your own eyes

We are our own worst critics. We can more easily point out our flaws and our weaknesses than our strengths. But, we can't let that determine our value. Don't compare and look at yourself in the eyes of someone who doesn't see the true you. Look at all aspects of yourself. Be accepting of the things that you can't change.

Only we can decide our true worth. You can't let someone else decide it for you. Choose to be your best self. If you hold yourself with high value, others will also. Your worth depends on you. Don't let someone who doesn't matter, determine it for you.

The power of family [video]

Your family can be your foundation. You may go through hard times together, struggle to get along and even be apart for years, but they are always there to support you and love you. They are there to pick you up and help you walk when you can't. They can be your strength when you don't feel you have any. This short video shows the importance of family, especially during the hard times in life. 

I'm only human - Clara's story [video]

We may have a dream and a desire to accomplish a certain goal, only to find ourselves never starting because we are afraid of failure. Not being perfect and failing is what kept Clara from losing excess weight. Until one life-changing moment, she changed her train of thought and overcame her fear. Watch Clara's story and see what she went through to get to where she is today.

Two things define you ...

There are two things in life that will define you: your patience and your attitude. In life, you will experience difficult times where it seems all is lost. During these hard times, your patience will pull you through. It will help you overcome your challenges and it will help you become strong.

During another phase of your life, you may have everything you need. Everything is going well and it seems like nothing can tear you down. During these wonderful times, your attitude will define you. It will show your true colors. What do you want your attitude to say about you?

The Firework Impressionist [video]

Every individual has unique characteristics and traits. Celebrities, unfortunately, have these characteristics constantly pointed out by the media and their fans. But, these traits set them apart from others and help define their celebrity status. This video shows Christina Bianco singing Katy Perry's hit "Fireworks." However, while singing, she is impersonating many celebrities. Check it out and see for yourself.

Wringing out water on the ISS [video]

What happens when you wring water out in space? That is the question two 10th graders in Nova Scotia wanted answered. Astronaut Chris Hadfield conducted the experiment while aboard the International Space Station. Using a washcloth and drinking water, Hadfield demonstrates just how it works. Watch the following clip and see the results of this experiment.  

Give a little umph

When you set a goal, you need to do all you can to be successful. You need to put forth your best effort. You can't do a job halfway and expect to reap the full benefits. Don't just settle on trying, be triumphant. Be willing to go the extra mile. Be willing to give it everything you have.

Set a goal, go for it and work hard. Put a little umph in your effort. Once you do, you will see the difference.

The amazing human statue [video]

Do you have what it takes to stand perfectly still for minutes at a time? What about standing still in unusual positions? The following video is a clip of one amazing human statue who can freeze in the most awkward positions. And the cool thing about it? While frozen, you would never know he was a fake. Check it out. 

20 must-see places from around the world [video]

All around the world there are places unlike any other. There are beautiful landscapes and stunning views. There are unique statues and architecture that can leave you amazed. These places often leave one mesmerized and overjoyed by its beauty and unique characteristics. This video is a list of 20 places that will leave you speechless. Watch this video and see if you agree. What other stunning places would you include?  

Found on Pinterest: I can't believe I did that ...

Don't live your life with regrets. You never want to wake up one morning, wishing your actions were different. You need to live life to the fullest. Enjoy each day and take advantage of each moment. What a terrible feeling it would be to look back at a life that was wasted. Spend time with family and friends. Travel the world. Learn all you can about everything in the world around you. Be courageous. Go for things you never once thought you would ever receive. Don't look back at what could have been. Instead, look back and smile.

This image was shared on Pinterest by Kaylie Jones.

Focus to see the light

During the dark and challenging times in our life, it is easy to give up. We often become discouraged and frustrated. But, it is during these times when we need to focus our attention to the light. We need to reach out to our family and friends. We need to seek for help. We need to find the beauty in life and the blessings we receive each day. Don't let those dark and discouraging moments tear you down. Focus on the light. Focus on what you have been given and the many blessings you enjoy.

Dancing in the shadows [video]

Dance is a remarkable thing. It can tell a story and stir emotions in a way unlike any other. Whether it is an upbeat tap dance or a shadow dance, like in this video, it can bring a smile to your face and a tear to your eye. The following video is of a Hungarian shadow dance group called Attraction, while they appeared on the TV show "Britain's Got Talent."And just a warning, you may want some tissues while watching this dance number. 

Operation Breakup [video]

Breaking up with someone is hard to do. In many situations, you know it will hurt their feelings and you may even make them cry. Even if you have dated someone for a few weeks or a few years, it never gets any easier. This funny video is an excellent look at just how hard breaking up can truly be. 

The nap is not happening [video]

Sometimes you just don't want to take a nap. Playtime sounds much more appealing. But when you're trapped in your crib, playtime is limited. You don't have many options to keep yourself entertained. But, that didn't stop one young boy. He found a fun way to keep himself busy instead of taking a nap. And luckily, his parents caught it all on their baby video monitor. Watch this cute video and see just what this young boy decided to do.

Moving on doesn't mean you forget ...

As you go through life, you learn valuable life lessons. These lessons help you through all the difficult and challenging times you will face. When you move on to the different stages in your life, you take these lessons with you.

You shouldn't forget about the trials you have overcome. By simply accepting that they happened, you will become stronger. You will be able to handle more challenges with grace and poise. And most importantly, you can continue living your life.

You can do anything [video]

You can do anything you set your mind to. Nothing can stop you from accomplishing your dreams and your goals. You are the only one that can stop you from doing something great. In this video, one young woman doesn't let her challenges stop her from success. She is both blind and physically disabled but she still strives to reach her goal and become a beautiful singer. Watch this video of her singing the national anthem. She proves to everyone there that you can do anything. There is nothing out of your reach. 

I like you [video]

Some people are afraid to say those three words, "I love you." This phrase means a lot and shouldn't be taken lightly. In fact, it comes with such large responsibility and commitment that many people won't even say it. In this video, one couple chooses to say "I like you," instead of the other heavy-loaded phrase. Watch this video and find out why "I like you" means so much to them.

Cherish every day [video]

You never know when life can change. It takes just one second and your life will never be the same. Country musician Reba McEntire learned this lesson the hard way in 1991 when an airplane carrying members of her band and crew crashed, killing everyone on board. Watch this short video of Reba's story and how she is coping with this tragic event each day of her life.

It's not the load that breaks you down

It's not the load that breaks you, it's the way you carry it. We will all face heavy burdens and stress in our lives. We can let these things weigh us down and destroy us, or we can pick ourselves up, build some muscle and push through.

The choice is up to us. We must be strong to overcome the difficulties we experience each day. Don't let the challenges you face break you. Overcome and come off conquerer.

Good [video]

Being bad isn't all it is cracked up to be. There are always consequences for your actions. But when you are good, you will reap the rewards. This fun parody of Michael Jackson's "Bad" shows just what you can do to be good and reap all those rewards.

Four important things in life

There are four characteristics that each person needs in their life: respect, honesty, trust and loyalty. The challenge with each of these traits is they are hard to find. Many people don't care anymore what they do and how they act. But what they need to remember is these four traits will help them through life. They will be most noticeable during those times when it seems all is lost. Try your best to acquire these traits. One day, you will be glad you did.

Everything will be fine

When times are hard and it feels like our world is caving in around us, it is easy to become discouraged and quit. We want to throw in the towel and just give up. However, we can't give in to discouragement and frustration. We need to roll up our sleeves and put a smile on our face. If we happily press forward, things will turn around. Everything will turn out fine. Don't beat yourself up over some small, or even large, event in your life. Just smile, keep moving and everything will be fine.

The Dairy Song [video]

Life on a dairy farm is no piece of cake. You have early mornings and late nights. You come home dirty and you are constantly on the go. But dairy farmers have a critical job - they are feeding our nation. This song gives a fun look at the life on a dairy farm and just how hard these individuals work and why they do it each day.

Dove real beauty sketches [video]

You are more beautiful than you think. We are our own worst critics. We can point out every flaw of our physical appearance without a second thought. In fact, only 4 percent of women consider themselves beautiful. But what we don't realize is others don't view us as ugly and worthless. They see us in a much happier and much more attractive manner.

In this Dove ad, a forensic artist asks women to describe their appearance. He then asks others to describe the appearance of that same individual. What you may see will surprise you.

Found on Pinterest: You can become great

You will meet people in your life that will try to tear you down. They will do all they can to make you fail. They will try to crush your dreams and your ambitions and make you feel worthless and of little value. When you meet these people, don't waste your time around them.

Don't lose sight of who you really are. Surround yourself with people who care about you. Find people who want to see you succeed and will do all they can to help you overcome those challenges and difficulties you will face. You can do anything you put your mind to.

Great people will help you become great. Just don't waste your time around the not-so-great.

This great pin shared on Pinterest by Gina Lo Bue

Kickalicious [video]

Kicking a football more than 50 yards looks easy after watching the man in this video. He can kick the ball several yards with outstanding accuracy. He can even kick the ball to fall perfectly in the arms of a moving target. In fact, the man in this video has such great skill that professional football teams have shown interest in his talent. Watch this video and check out the talent this man truly possesses. 

I don't like you Mommy [video]

Children love their moms. They go to her for food, comfort, play and more. But the little boy in this video told his mom he only loved her when she brought him cookies. If there aren't any cookies, his love is lost. Watch this cute video and see just how much this boy loves his mom. 

Behind the glasses [video]

When things don't go your way, do you ever find yourself putting blame on someone else? Are you ever frustrated at others' actions? Each day we may find something that upsets us. Someone may do something that makes us wait while we are in a hurry or puts us behind a large deadline at work. But before we judge, we need to put on our glasses and remember these individuals have challenges in their life. They are in need of help, just as you are in need. Don't jump to conclusions too quickly. Be patient and understanding.

This video is an excellent reminder of how we should be caring and kind, no matter our circumstances.

Are you a leader? [video]

What makes a strong leader? Is it someone who is born a leader or someone who is molded and learns? Is it someone who takes ownership for their projects and works with all their might or do they include others and delegate responsibility? This video describes a true leader. Watch to find out what type of leader you are.

Laugh, apologize and just let go

Finding true happiness doesn't have to be hard. It can be as simple as a few steps. First, laugh. Laugh when you can. Try to laugh every day and make sure you do all you can to keep a smile on your face.

Second, apologize. Don't be too proud to say "I'm sorry." Be willing to accept when you are wrong.

Third, be willing to let go of what you can't change. There are things in life that you have no control over. No matter how much you try, things will end up one way or another. Just accept those things and move on. You will be much happier.

The power of faith

In life there are many challenges and activities that cause us stress. And when that stress occurs, we work ourselves up, shorten our fuse and become impatient with ourselves and others. But we need to remember things don't always work out perfectly. We need to have a little faith and manage the stress in our lives.

Patience is a difficult thing to master. We want things immediately and we want things to fall into place. Stress can be frustrating but we can find ways to cope with it, no matter how much we face each day.

Image credit: Spiritual Inspiration

The one minute that could change your day [video]

Today is a gift and you have the opportunity to do whatever you want. You can use it for good or you can waste it on things that don't really matter. The choice is up to you. In this short video, you are reminded why today is so important and why you should make the most of it.

A peaceful zen dance [video]

There are a variety of dances individuals do across the world. From jazz, tap, modern and more, these dances show emotion and tell a story. This video shows a zen dance entitled, "May all beings be at peace." Take a minute, watch this dance and see if you can figure out the story this dance tells.

Makeup Pet Peeves [video]

Have you ever seen someone that looks like a clown because of their makeup? They may have too much, too bright of colors, too dark of colors or exaggerated lines and shapes? This video discusses several makeup pet peeves that many individuals have posted on Reddit. The lady in this video is a makeup artist and she shows us what these pet peeves look like. Unfortunately, the final product makes her look quite a bit like a clown. Check it out. 

How animals eat their food [video]

How do animals eat their food? Each animal has a different way they enjoy their meals and satisfy their hunger pains. Some animals are nice and calm, while others are ferocious and can't seem to shovel the food in fast enough. In this video, one man acts out several animals' eating habits. Watch this video and see if his impressions are correct. 

Go to bed with satisfaction

When you wake each morning, wake up with determination. Be willing to go out and do hard things. Be willing to work hard, use your time wisely and be efficient. When you do these things each day, you will go to bed feeling satisfied. You will be proud of all you accomplished and all you were able to do.

Feelings of accomplishment and satisfaction are some of the best emotions you can experience. These feelings let you know that you have done something worthwhile. That you have put forth your best effort and accomplished something that you hadn't before.

Remember, wake up with determination and you will go to bed with satisfaction.

Found on Pinterest: If not now, when?

It is common to procrastinate different tasks in our lives. Whether it is homework, housework, paperwork, or even odd and end jobs, we often push tasks back to a later time. But if we don't just do it now, when will we?

Procrastination is a dangerous addiction. Once you do it, you become hooked and it becomes easy to push tasks farther and farther back. If you don't just sit down and accomplish the task, you may never finish it. Don't waste time. Sit down, get it done and experience feelings of satisfaction. Now that is a wonderful feeling.

This great image is shared on Pinterest by Samantha Ford.

Worry about yourself [video]

Sometimes the best thing you can do is worry about yourself. Even if you are willing to give a helping hand, some people may not want it. In this video, one little girl wants to buckle herself into her car seat. No matter how many times her father asks to help, she reminds him to worry about himself. She doesn't want his help and wants to do it herself. Watch this funny video and see just how she reacts to her father's questions.

Will you be my prom date? [video]

In some communities, asking a girl to prom is like asking a girl to marry you. It must be a well thought out and clever proposal. It must have many elements and aspects that can capture the girl's attention and make her even more excited for the big event.

In this video, one boy asks a girl to prom with the help of all his friends. With a choreographed dance number and a large audience, this boy planned to thrill his hopeful date. Watch this video and see what she says.

Change your mind in 2.50 minutes [video]

Obstacles will stand in your way as you go throughout life. You will experience some failure. You won't accomplish every dream you desire. But, you can't let that get you down. Turn your negatives into positives. Strive to accomplish every goal. Put forth your best effort. Put a smile on your face as you go through each challenge. Don't ever give up.

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